Angry Birds Game Free Download for PC Full Version Windows 7 [March 2023]

Angry Birds Game Free Download for PC Full Version Windows 7

Angry Birds is a puzzle sort of video game that was produced by Rovio Entertainment and publicized by Chillingo on a truly extensive variety of gaming media. Initially, it was created for touch-friendly mobile gadgets in 2009 and 2010, while it anchored on Windows PC in the summer of 2011, evolving as one of the considerably widespread casual puzzle video games of the time. 

It is a whole game series consisting of different parts. This game is free to play and buys an in-game currency. And the parts are related to each other in the Angry Birds game Free Download.

PC Version of the Angry Birds Game:

The PC version of Angry Birds is entirely optimized for this medium. Rather than controlling the flying birds by finger-touch control, the splint can be performed precisely with the mouse. Yet, users of touch-enabled laptops and tablets can operate through their fingers, therefore reproducing the experience of handling this game on smartphones and mobile tablets effortlessly. 

About the Game:

The saga of the Angry Birds for Windows is based on the battle of birds with the pigs that are the villains in the game, the birds have to rescue their stolen eggs from the villainous pigs. 

The birds are persistent to do everything in their capacity to prevent the pigs, these chubby wingless birds determine to evolve as kamikaze fighters who bang on into the forts and structures of their rivals. These fun-filled and physics-powered impacts of demolition serve two objectives, one is to conquer the pigs and the second is to recover captured eggs.

How to Download Angry Birds Game Free for PC full version windows 7:

If the story of the game sounds interesting to you and you want to play it on your PC you have come to the right place and eight websites. You can download the Angry Birds game for free by following the simple steps given below.

  • First, you have to go to the website link.
  •  After going to the website, the home page will open on your screen.
  • In the search bar type the keywords, angry birds download for PC full version and click the enter button.
  • The game will readily appear on your screen from there you can download it.

System Requirement for Angry Birds Game for PC:

  • For the Angry Birds game you need a Windows 7(64-bit) Operating System.
  • The Processor should be an Intel Core i3.
  • The RAM which is required for the game is 2 GB.
  • You need a free space of 2 GB on a Hard Disk.
  • The Sound Card required for the Angry Birds PC version is DirectX 9-compatible graphics.

Features of Angry Birds Game for PC Windows 7:

If you are good at puzzle-solving games and want to enjoy your spare time then Angry Birds Game for PC is a perfect option. Its key features are:

  • It’s an exciting and entertaining puzzle game to play on the computer.
  • While playing on your computer it has easy controls and spectacular graphics.
  •  You can develop a team of birds in the game.
  • In the game, you can get access to a vast ledger of birds.
  • Challenging game modes can be submerged in the game.
  • You can outperform the cumulative 1600 levels of the game.
  • The powers and capacities of the birds can be upgraded and elevated in the game.
  • In the game, you can join a clan.
  •  Also while playing the game you can top the leaderboards.
  • The levels of the game are multi-stage which signifies that you will have to eradicate the pigs and their structural system twice to wrap up the level.
  • Numerous different spells are utilized to demolish the pigs like the Blizzard, Golden Ducks, and various other amazing spells.

Is Angry Birds Game Safe to Download?

If you worry about the safety of your system whether it be safe or not the answer is here. The terms of the game Angry Bird for windows 7 state that they deliver social exchanges among the users through in-game chats and messages with different players. Furthermore, the terms state Angry Birds permits users to make private information seeable to other players on platforms, blogs, and chats.

For parental guard, the parents should make themselves mindful that any of the personal information a user publicizes in any forum, blog, or chat may come to be public information, as the terms already state that users should not expect the privacy or their data be confidential, with their social dealings while using the application.


Angry Birds Game for PC is the sequel to the most prominent mobile game of all time and it’s back with a boom. The game has come with a lot of attributes having fresh and advanced levels to test your gaming skills. The game operates sufficiently on both smartphones as well as computers, so it can be downloaded on PC as well as on android devices. The game pursues a similar vision as its predecessor game, the battle is between the birds which are angry at the bad pigs and the user has to help the birds to defeat the piggies.

Angry Birds Game Free Download for PC Full Version Windows 7 [March 2023]

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