Neat Scanner Driver Windows 7 Download [March 2023]

Neat Scanner Driver Windows 7 Download

If you are a regular user of the neat scanner but unable to work with it on your PC, that’s because the neat scanner driver for Windows 7 is not updated or installed. The driver could be in the system but it might be corrupt, outdated, or incompatible.

If that is not the issue then it might be the reason that there may be the neat scanner error in the system that is causing disruption. 

What is Neat Scanner Driver Windows 7?

Before understanding the neat scanner driver, I want to tell you about what exactly the neat scanner is. It is a portable scanner that is used to scan business cards, receipts, and documents on the go. It is a portable device that is slim and lightweight. It can be easily carried in a purse or suitcase. It does not require any power to work, you just have to connect it to the USB port and it is good to go.

But to make it work on your PC and scan all respective documents, you need to install Neat Scanner Driver. The accurate driver will make this portable device functional and make it easy to work on your system. Sometimes when the user updates the Windows then it is mandatory to update some of the drivers, especially the neat scanner driver because there are chances it might stop working on the newly installed window.

How to Download the Neat Scanner Driver?

Installation of the Neat scanner driver is easy and does not require much time. There are two ways to perform this task, as the manual installation may take time. So we can go for the automatic installation or updating of the drivers. 

But before that, you need to install the driver.

  • Scroll down to this page,
  • Search for the “Download” button.
  • Click on the “Download” button and wait for the download to begin.
  • Now you have the downloaded file, Double tap it to start the installation.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to successfully install Neat Scanner.

When the driver is installed, now it is easy to work on the scanner as all the components are here. But when this driver is outdated or corrupt, you need to update it again. Updating a driver can be a hassle as one cannot remember when to update or a particular driver needs an update. So for solving that issue, you can go for the option of:

  • Driver Booster
  • Device Manager.

Driver Booster:

With the help of a driver booster, you easily locate which driver is ready for the update.

  • Download the driver booster.
  • After the completion of downloading, click on the Run option. 
  • In that way, you have installed driver Booster
  • Open the interface and look for the scan option
  • Upon scanning your whole PC, you will come to know the drivers that need an update.
  • After that try to update the neat scanner driver for windows 7 through the driver booster.

Update Neat Scanner Driver in Device Manager:

  •  Open up the interface of Device Manager
  • Expand the imaging and look for the option of Update Neat Scanner Driver.

You can also choose the automatic updating of the Drivers. In that way, the driver is updated automatically and there is no need to go for the manual update.

Fix the Neat Scanner Driver Failed Installation on Windows 7:

Some of the users reported that sometimes while installing the neat scanner driver, the next option does not appear on the screen. That is because some of the errors have occurred while installing a driver. Most of the time, when such an incident happens, the driver has already been installed but the issue is to fix the broken driver now. The repairing of the driver requires the following steps:

  • Look at the keyboard, and press window+E  to open file explorer.
  • In the file, explorer goes for the option of program Files.
  • In the program, files choose the Common files, and after that choose The Neat Company.
  • In the folder of Neat Company chooses the option Drivers.
  • Now you can delete it and install it again
  • Or another option is to delete, reinstall and choose the MSI file to repair it.

Now the driver’s file is repaired. To see if the driver is fully repaired or not you just have to connect the portable neat scanner device to the USB port of the PC. when it is connected check out if it is working or not. If the device is working that means the driver has been repaired or updated. And if it is not working there are chances that the driver is still broken. Sometimes users download this non-authentic driver which causes a problem in a device to function. On our website, you can look for a secure and accurate driver for Windows 7 if you are a user of the Neat scanner.


Those who are regular users of Neat Scanners know the importance of the driver. Without it, one cannot perform any function on their scanner. Authentic drivers are as important as the device or the software. The above-mentioned methods are your guide to getting the best f=driver and the way to update or fix them.

Neat Scanner Driver Windows 7 Download [March 2023]

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