Putty Download Free For Windows 7 [March 2023]

Putty Download Free For Windows 7

Looking forward to downloading Putty on your Windows 7 computer system? If yes! Then you have come to the right place. You can download Putty from our website in the matter of a click for absolutely nothing.

This article will walk you through the complete guide on how to download and install Putty for your Windows 7 PC along with some of its amazing features that you need to know before downloading this incredible software.

Putty: What is it?

Putty is a free and open source terminal emulator application, developed by Simon Tatham. It is used to connect to remote computers through the internet or from local networks. Putty enables users to securely transfer files between their local computer and a remote server.

Putty can be used for SSH client connections, Telnet connections, raw TCP connections and serial port connections. It also supports file transfers over protocols such as SCP, SFTP and login. The user interface of this software allows for multiple windows in one session with each window having its own settings like color schemes, fonts etc.

Features of Putty Download Free For Windows 7

Putty comes bundled with an enormous range of useful features, Some of its features include:

Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP):

Putty for Windows 7 supports the SFTP file transfer protocol, which is a safe and secure way to connect to remote systems over an SSH connection. With SFTP, users can transfer files between their local computer and the remote server without having to worry about transmitting confidential data over an unsecured connection. 

Command Line Interface:

Putty for Windows 7 comes with a powerful command line interface that makes it easy for users to access and manage remote systems. The CLI provides many helpful commands including SSH, SCP, and SFTP that allow users to securely log into a remote server and execute commands or execute scripts on the system with ease.

Remote Desktop Connection:

Putty for Windows 7 also supports the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). With RDP, users can establish a secure connection between their local machine and a remote computer running Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Client software. 

Graphical User Interface:

In addition to its command-line interface, Putty for Windows 7 also includes a graphical user interface (GUI). The GUI allows for easy navigation of remote systems as compared to its command-line counterpart by providing shortcuts and layouts that are more familiar and intuitive than navigating via text commands. 

Serial Port Connections:

Using Putty for Windows 7, users can establish serial port connections with external hardware devices such as modems or routers that support serial communications protocols including RS232/RS422/RS485/USB-to-Serial converters etc.

Scripting Support:

One great feature of this software for Windows 7 is its scripting support capabilities which allow users to write powerful scripts in languages like Python or Ruby directly from within the application itself instead of having to go through complicated third-party packages just run them properly on their systems. 

How to Download Putty Download Free For Windows 7?

You can download this software for your windows 7 device with the matter of a click. All you need to do is to follow the instructions given below:

  • Go to the top right corner of this page and look for the download button for Putty. 
  • Now hit the “Download” button and wait for the download to begin.
  • Once the installer pack has been downloaded, Navigate the installer pack and double click on it to start the installation process.
  • During installation, you might be asked to customize its additional features, Select them according to your requirements.
  • Once installed and activated, You will need to create an account on Putty to get started.

System Requirements

In order to use Putty for Windows 7, there are certain system requirements that need to be met first.

  • The minimum system requirements for using Putty on Windows 7 includes having:
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile installed; at least 32-bit version of Windows 7
  • At least 512 MB RAM
  • An Intel Pentium 4 processor with 1 GHz or more processor speed
  • An 800×600 resolution video card
  • A sound card.
  • It is recommended to have at least Windows 7 Service Pack 1 installed for optimal performance.
  • It also requires certain communication ports to be open in order to work properly. These include TCP port 22 (for SSH), TCP port 21 (for FTP), and UDP port 53 (to use DNS).


Putty for Windows 7 is a great tool that provides users with an easy way to access remote servers. It features a simple user interface and powerful tools that allow users to configure servers and transfer files securely. The software has been designed with security in mind, making it more secure than other programs available on the market. It also offers support for SSH, Telnet, SFTP, SCP and TFTP protocols which makes it suitable for any type of network setup.

All in all, Putty for Windows 7 is a cost-effective and reliable solution for accessing remote servers quickly and securely. Thanks to its intuitive design, powerful features and excellent security standards, this program is likely to remain popular among system administrators for many years to come.

Putty Download Free For Windows 7 [March 2023]

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